As part of this post, I’m taking time to reflect. Carrying on seems difficult in the face of adversity.
Whether there’s barriers, blockages or challenges, take note – the can all be

Difficulties preset themselves in many forms: as an awkward
or stubborn individual, red tape and bureaucracy, mental blockages or fears and
sometimes pure bad luck! Don’t feel desolate when these things happen – there
IS a way forward!

Firstly, consider how far you have come already. Think of
the obstacles you have already overcome and the work put in so far. Even if you
are just starting out – remember how you got to this point! Recognise your
achievements and know that you are on your way. The fact these issues are
cropping up is a sure sign that you have begun an exciting journey. Spend some
time looking and reflecting back before you take the next step forward.

Secondly, you will find a way! I know this of you, you just
need to see this yourself. Humans are really resilient, innovative and are
natural problem solvers. You will know what you need to do – it may be ask for
help or another’s opinion, work through it logically, take a break from the
problem for a while or do nothing and just let time present a solution to you.
You will find a way – believe it!

Thirdly, don’t stop! Keep going and moving towards your
goal. Even if you move a millimetre a day, you are still moving in the right
direction. If you have to take a scenic route, turn around and go back or
change course – perfect, you are creating a better route to follow. Don’t let others persuade you. You are in
charge, in the driving seat and know instinctively where you are going –
so get on with it!

Finally, enjoy it! Enjoy your journey, your challenges and
the whole experience, when you arrive at your destination, you will look back
at this time fondly. You will also see how far you have travelled and what has
been accomplished. Make an appointment with yourself today and enjoy your
journey and moment of achievement in the not too distant future – you deserve